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Honk If You Hate Humanity

honk.jpgIn Mississippi yesterday, a man got mad at his wife. Really mad. I mean, seriously mad. She went into a store, came out, and five minutes later, Henry Watson was stabbing her. Not once. Not twice. Not even three times.

“He was just standing over her hacking away,” said Dolly Baker, a witness to the scene.

“It wasn’t five minutes from when she had left my line when I heard a scream outside,” said Theresa Stuckey, a cashier at the Family Dollar at 516 Nakoma Drive in Jackson. “I looked out, and (the attacker) was on top of her stabbing her, and stabbing her and stabbing her.

“She was screaming, ‘Help, he’s trying to kill me!’ She was rolling on the ground, trying to get out of the way, but he kept stabbing her. He stabbed her about 20 times in the neck, back and arms.”

Though the police didn’t find out why Watson was stabbing his wife, I’m guessing that he was dissatisfied with her purchases. “It’s Family Dollar store, damnit! Why did the toilet paper cost $2.25?”

At any rate, while passers-by stood and watched in horror, and cars passed by in broad daylight and honked their horns (that’ll put the fear of God in him — if our military vehicles were equipped with better horns, there’d be no violence in Iraq), Watson poured gasoline all over his wife and attempted to strike a match.

Finally, however, somebody with a bit of sense — and a gun — arrived to the scene, pointed his pistol at Watson, and told him that he’d shoot if Watson moved. The guy with the gun eventually held Watson at bay long enough for the cops to arrive, before disappearing Batman-like into the ether. I’m guessing his gun wasn’t registered.

In any event, the victim — Gracie Watson — is at the hospital and in good condition, which is miraculous considering the number of stab wounds her husband inflicted. And, as it turns out, the scores of passersby weren’t honking at Watson, they were honking because they’d seen a sign that read, “Honk, if you’re a spineless coward.”

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He didn't have to disappear for fear of his gun. You don't have to register in MS.