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He Really Just Didn’t Care for that Lap Dance

lapdance.jpgNothing beats a good strip club story, and here’s a decent one. Out in New Mexico, 37-year-old Jerome Charley was at a strip club called Tom Katz. A little before 1 a.m., Charley received several lap dances but refused to pay for them. Apparently, that wasn’t embarrassing enough for Charley, so he got belligerent with the bouncers when they ultimately had to do what they do best: Toss him out on his ass (though not before collecting payment for services rendered).

Fair enough. But, Charley wasn’t done:

“Witnesses heard a loud noise, looked over and the doors were almost pushed open and there was a lot of light coming through,” Truby said. “That’s when (Charley) backed up his van and started driving at the building again.”

One bouncer was forced to jump inside an office near the front doors when Charley rammed the entrance. The van eventually came to a stop nearly three feet inside the strip club.

Police found Charley driving while intoxicated near the local elementary school, where he was picked up and charged with several counts of assault and a DUI. He faces up to eight and a half years in prison.

Asked for a statement, Charley only offered: “It wasn’t my fault, dudes. It was my erection; it totally steered me into the club. Stupid boner.”

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That is -- without a doubt -- the greatest story ever.