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God Bless Texas

Hooters_narrowweb__300x374,0.jpgWhere even the politicians have no sense of decency:

Dallas County Constable Jaime Cortes is already feeling the Christmas spirit.
But this is not your average law enforcement holiday event.
Cortes, the Precinct 5 constable who was just re-elected, is holding a political fund raiser at the Hooters restaurant in downtown Dallas.
As you can see from the flier here, the “Santa Constable Fundraiser” offers all you can eat wings and beer on Dec. 17 for just $25, brought to you by women in skimpy, tight-fitting attire.

It’s a good thing he’s raising funds; he’s probably going to need it for his eventual sexual harassment suit. Good on you, Texas.

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It's *Texas*... where t*tty bars are practically family-fun... you think *Hooters* is really going to get the guy in trouble?

Seriously? You're taking a shot at Hooters? As being indecent? That's kind of pathetic.

Hooters isn't that bad. A little tacky, maybe, but hardly a big deal.

I guess if Constable Cortes held the event at First Baptist Church some people still would be unhappy. Hooters does a great deal of chartible causes as does Joes Crab Shack. Lets give them a high five.