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Further Proof the Legal System Lacks a Sense of Humor

manning.jpgBack in February, after the Super Bowl Champion Indianapolis Colts won the big one (let me just say it again, because I like the sound of it: Super Bowl Champion Indianapolis Colts), Seth reported about a man, Scott Wiese, who lost a bar bet and had agreed to have his name changed to Peyton Manning. The world rejoiced. And snickered a little.

Well, word comes today that a judge has refused to allow Wiese to legally change his name, thereby making the man an involuntary welcher. Judge Katherine “Party Pooping” McCarthy ruled that the name change was too confusing and risked infringing the privacy of the football player.

But, the most amusing part of the story comes here:

Two people overjoyed at Monday’s court outcome were Wiese’s parents, Debbie and Steve. They had filed an official objection to the name change with the court. ”Wiese is our family name, and we’re proud of it,” said Debbie, 54. ”And we just thought that if he was going to change his name, it should be for a better reason than that. I also didn’t want to go through the rest of my life calling my son ‘Peyton Manning.”’

Now, that’s just horseshit. Peyton is now in the top 100 for both boy and girl baby names, and it’s a fine name that anyone should be proud to have. It’s popular. Distinguished. And unheralded in its ability to get men cheerleading tail. And, c’mon: The origin of the name Wiese derives from the German word for “meadow,” while everyone knows that the name “Peyton Manning,” in Gaelic, means “Best NFL Quarterback in all the Land.”

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As a native of Knoxville, and a Peyton fan from back in his Big Orange days, I'm proud to agree with you, sir. And as a man who spent most of his adult life in Nashville, I was proud that (for a time, at least), the only team in our division that consistently beat the Titans was Manning's Colts!