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Former American Idol Singer Attempted to Get Some Head Ahead

vasquez.jpgIf you’re like many of us, and you watch “American Idol” just so you have something to talk about around the metaphorical water cooler the next day (knowing, as you do, that no one read that piece in the goddamn New Yorker; we are not, after all, a literate society), you may remember fourth-season contestant Mario Vasquez. That good-looking metrosexual fella there to the left. Remember? He was the only finalist in “American Idol” history to drop out, though his reasons were mighty suspicious (us water cooler folks speculated that he was trying to secure a record deal outside of the notorious “AI” restrictions … and he dropped out just in time to avoid any obligation toward the ridiculous “AI” summer tour).

Anyway, two years later, we are just now learning what was the likely reason that Mario Vasquez left, and it wasn’t because he was unnaturally talented. It was because Vasquez was allegedly embroiled in a real-live “American Idol” sexual harassment scandal. And, unbelievably, it had nothing to do with Paula Abdul.

In fact, an assistant production accountant to the show, Magdaleno Olmos, is suing the show and its corporate owners for wrongful termination, accusing “American Idol” executives of firing him for reporting an incident of sexual harassment with Vasquez. Olmos alleges that Vasquez approached him in a bathroom, knocked on his stall door, and sexually propositioned him.

Vasquez, however, had a funny way of proposing; when Olmos opened the door, the “AI” singer was standing there with his pants down masturbating (allegedly). He then pushed Olmos backed into the stall and tried to unzip his pantaloons and give him head (allegedly). Olmos was somehow able to break free.

Olmos claims that, later, he went to a supervisor who said that nothing could be done about the incident, that he would probably be fired for forcing the issue, and “that he was crazy, was imagining this and should keep this information to himself because no one would believe his account.”

The weird inconsistency to Olmos’ account, however, was that he wasn’t fired until several months later, after the showed had wrapped up its season — long after Vasquez had left the show for “personal reasons.”

Editor’s Note: Well why is that so weird? Seems to me that this is simply the “AI” producers playing a little game of CYA. “What? Oh no, we fired him months later. It had nothing to do with that whole Mario Vasquez grabby-grabby thing. If it did, we would’ve fired him then. But we didn’t fire him until months later, you see. Totally not connected.”