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Florida-level Genius Found in California

big-bud.jpgChris Baker, a true American hero.

Chris Baker, 19, pulled up next to a police vehicle early Monday morning and rolled down the driver’s side window, according to the Merced County Sheriff’s Department. Baker allegedly asked Deputy Delray Shelton if he wanted something to drink, then hurled an open 12-ounce can of Budweiser through his open window into the deputy’s vehicle.
Baker then allegedly drove off and refused to stop when a nearby deputy gave pursuit. Baker allegedly sped through a parking lot and evaded pursuit on Hillside Avenue.
As authorities searched the areas, Deputy Shelton recognized Baker walking down the 9000 block Of Rochester Avenue and confronted him. Baker allegedly resisted arrest, and Shelton used his taser to subdue him.
Baker reportedly told deputies that he wanted to be arrested after his relationship with a girlfriend ended, and found it funny that he struck the deputy with the thrown beer.

You’re right, Baker. Hilarious. Thank you.

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Well you have to admit, if you want to get arrested....that IS an awesome way to do it. That guy really is a hero!

Three words for ya:

Palin/Baker 2012!!