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Feds Gag Prostitute with Probe

palfrey.jpgI find this story a bit on the curious side. In D.C. last week, madam Deborah Palfrey (“madam” being a euphemism for female pimp) was indicted on racketeering and money laundering charges, stemming from her operation of an adult escort service (“escort” being a euphemism for a high-class hooker).

No big deal, right?

Not exactly. The feds have gotten involved and, rather than insist that Palfrey (that Nora Dunn looking lady to your left) list her clientele, as you might expect, they are actually seeking a court order to gag the release of the names of her former clients. Why, you ask? Because government lawyers feel that the list of Palfrey’s clients is considered “personal information” that is “sensitive.” Yeah — I would imagine so, since it’s assumed that many of her former johns are D.C. politicians. And because Palfrey suggests that she’s got a client list that’s 46 pounds heavy and contains about 15,000 names, which is about 5 percent of the male D.C. population.

So, why in God’s name would the feds want a protective order to suppress those names? Why, especially, when most newspapers routinely identify men and women who are busted for purchasing the services of a prostitute? Indeed, why cover-up the identity of known solicitors of sex, especially if they are politicians who serve at the whim of the taxpayer, who is presumably now paying the hooker bills? It’s a mind fuck, right?

Maybe I’m wrong, though. Maybe there is some sensitive information involved. Hell, maybe some White House official liked to scream out the name of Vice President Cheney’s secret bunker during lovemaking. Or thought that spilling state secrets was a form of dirty talk. Or maybe that the client list could potentially bring down half of D.C. is, itself, a matter of national security. I dunno, but it’s hard to reckon that it’s designed to do anything other than protect the identities of high-profile D.C. officials.

Anyway, she has at least named Dick Morris as one of her clients. You’ll recall that he was once a Republican consultant to President Clinton, who resigned after it was revealed that he was having an extramarital affair with a prostitute. He works for Fox News now, naturally.