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Dutch People = Whack Jobs with Common Sense

britney-spears-kids-bodyguard-10.jpgThe Netherlands is officially hoping to become the only country in the world smart/dumb enough to pass legislation preventing shitty mothers from procreating:

Women in the Netherlands deemed “unfit mothers” may soon be forced to take contraception, if a draft bill currently before the Dutch parliament is passed. The bill “targets women who have been the subject of judicial intervention due to their bad parenting,” says its author, a member of the Netherlands’ socialist Labour Party.
Under the proposed legislation, a woman judged unfit who refuses to take contraception and becomes pregnant would have her child taken away at birth. The infant then would be placed in a foster home.

The only problem with this bill is 1) it’ll never fucking work, and 2) it doesn’t include similar provisions for unfit fathers. Also, it’s completely crazy. I just hope they can extend the laws to stupid people, too. Also, the Dutch Parliament.

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Benn there, tried it, have the judicial record. 274 U.S. 200

I don't know...this type of thing makes me very uncomfortable.

It seems like such a small jump from that to "well, poor women can't provide an 'adequate' living standard for a child so they really should be allowed to have kids either," etc.

I am going to eat lunch now.

Aren't they already sterilizing poor minorities without their consent here in the US of A? Yeah, bad idea. It's a slippery slope.

This is a great idea! Albeit, a bit flawed.

I would propose that BOTH potential mothers and fathers should take a parenting test to see if they are capable of raising children. If they pass - great! Procreate! If they don't then they have to wait until they pass a "parental review".

There are far too many shitty parents in this world, and subsequently, they produce shitty children. Having children is more responsibility than driving a car - so why does one require a license but not the other?

I always joke about how in the US, you need a license to drive, fish, hunt, etc., but any idiot can pop out a kid. However, in practice, forced sterilization is a terrible violation of personal liberties. Three generations of imbeciles, indeed.

You know, the US government did something like this in Puerto Rico not that long ago...only it was across the board sterilizations done without the consent or even knowledge of the women involved. A lot of times doctors would out and out lie to women to get them to agree to surgery. Presumably they shouldn't be having more kids because, well, the world just don't need more Puerto Ricans.

Eugenics, people!

That some folks are even sort of supportive of a nutty idea like this makes me uneasy.

Okay, how did this go from a conversion of contraception to a conversation about sterilization. Totally different things, you guys! Sterilization mean they can NEVER procreate. Contraception, on the other hand, means you stop taking taking measures not to, and you get pregnant.

Plus, contraception is not always 100% effective so a few of those unworthy unfit bastards can still get away with it. Plus if people were deemed "unfit" it's not like they can't take a couple parenting class and suddenly become fit.

The state in many countries already has the power to take away children if you are deemed unfit. This is just preventing it before the damage is done.

The legislation they are proposing is flawed but if it were tweaked, like most bills are when they are being reviewed in order to become law, could be a damn fine piece of legislation.

Forced birth control evokes the same issues as forced sterilization. Just because it isn't 100% effective (neither is sterilization), doesn't make it any better.

It's not like you are forever unable to have children. It's just until you are deemed fit and ready to have them, and if you really want to be a parent that badly you would be willing to make the effort to do so.

Personally, I think having children is a HUGE responsibility that effects not only your life but the life of that child. If you can't provide the appropriate environment or emotional stability that children need, then you should be given the opportunity to learn how to do so.

It's like a driver's licensing test - keep going at it until you are deemed fit to raise a child (or to drive).

I think the federal government should implement an incentive-based program whereas if you take these courses and pass you get a discount on their schooling, etc. If you created a national program that encourages parents to do this it would create a culture of parental responsibility that is often lacking. It doesn't have to be 'forced" but it could be frowned upon if you didn't. Social pressure is often a great motivator for encouraging responsibility.

So then...you would be supportive of mandatory birth control for all women? Because that is the only way to make sure that only approved parents have kids. I mean, a lot of kids (myself included) aren't the product of well-thought out plan.

And what exactly would a "fit" parent look like? My parents pretty much let the TV raise me, is that unfit? Hell, they even spanked me and let me eat horrible, horrible crap - unfit?

At what point are we forcing our ideas of what a good parent should be on someone who is just doing the best they can?

I don't know...I don't see any way something like this could be a good thing.

This is a good idea. Lots of people should be sterilized - serial child abusers, serial rapists, etc. Not on the first offense -- maybe a 3 strikes thing. If I could choose to have any super power, it would be to shoot sterilization rays out of my eyes. Some arrogant B with a double-wide stroller in my way at Ikea? Bam! Sterilization for you! Some redneck calling his kid a pussy for being afraid to get on a rollercoaster? Pow! Sterilized. All kidding aside, some people should have their basic human procreation rights revoked.

I like this idea, and it's something I've advocated for years, though they have got it backwards. They seem to be heading down a "innocent until proven guilty" track when in this situation at least it should be "guilty until proven innocent".

Why should just anyone be allowed to have children? Some are obviously able to care for them and provide more opportunities than others. It's always seemed to me to be the quickest way to remove unfair poverty, or at least level the playing field.

But then, I don't really believe in civil liberties the way some people seem to. It seems to me that they're illusory in the first place, who gets to choose whether something is a freedom or not? As this is a legal blog I'm sure you're all well aware of all the ways in which your freedom is restricted, what's one more if it prevents idiots reproducing?

Finally, someone that I can agree with. Along with Chugga, I think it's a good idea but poorly thought out, and they are going about it in the wrong way.

Arr Matey, society already has a criteria for what constitutes an "unfit" parent. Unfortunately, it is after a child has already been neglected, abused, etc. The only thing I'm proposing is to ensure anyone planning on becoming a parent knows how to do the damn job beforehand.

Your definition of unfit would not lead to any such tragedies that would require the state to intervene and take someone's child away. For christ sake, there's even an interview required before pet adoption agencies allow you to take home a pet. I'm just asking for the same courtesy before people bring children into this world.

Arr Matey - they have these criteria. What it sounds like from the blurb is that they're requiring contraception for mothers who have children that have been taken away already by their equivalent of child protective services. these women have proven to the satisfaction of the state that they are incapable of safely raising a child. until they prove that they have changed - and they are pretty much always given a course of actions to follow to get their child back- why should they have more kids?

RCDC , I realize that, but a lot of the comments here suggested a different sort of situation.

All I am saying is: slippery slope, dudes.

Personally, I'd like the government to stay out of my uterus at all times, not just when I might be considering an abortion.

Man, this must be how people become Libertarians...

This is a fantastic idea, aside from the wording. But what do you expect from congress? They probably were the product of stupid people as well. I wholeheartedly endorse the idea of no-one should be allowed to have children until they are licensed to do so. I will take invasion of the "right to privacy"( which shouldn't take priority over the right to an intelligent society that wouldn't seriously consider electing Sarah Palin) because that right compromises other rights: namely, the right to a society with less crime, violence, stupidity, disease, etc.

I just think a society that was more likely to produce smarter, more productive, and morally (based on whatever conception you want) people would result if we could prevent trailer trash floridians from reproducing.

Very sensible idea. The abuse and neglect some children suffer is appalling.