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Dude - ninja attacks are supposed to be subtle!

ninja.jpgLast Saturday, Pete Bo Sizelove (what a name!) got himself into a bit of legal hot water. The 30-year-old had gone to his local car dealership up in Sacramento, Cali, hoping to trade in his beat up old Honda for a nice new car. He found a $20,000 Chrysler that he really liked, and he started negotiating with a sales manager.

Sizelove proposed trading-in his Honda for a $7,000 value, and giving the dealership a $13,000 IOU for the rest of the Chrysler’s value. The sales manager politely declined this offer.

So Sizemore walked over to his car and took out some things. He came back to the Chrysler and tried to break into it with a crowbar. When that didn’t work, he then hopped onto the car’s roof with - get this - a sledge hammer and a Samurai sword!

Needless to say, the cops were called, Sizelove was arrested, and he now faces charges of attempted vehicle theft and vandalism.