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Damn, It Feels Good to be a Gangsta

Office%20Space.jpgWhat is that joke? Something about how if the apocalypse came, the only life remaining on Earth would be cockroaches and lawyers? Well, I’m pretty goddamn sure the lawyers would figure out a way for the cockroaches to file suits against one another because, damn, there’s always gonna be work for lawyers. And for our legal brethren out there worrying about a lack of billable hours in your future, four states are now considering legislation that would probably create enough new litigation to warrant the opening of another 1,000 law firms.

Indeed, California, Vermont, New York, and Washington state are all considering various forms of legislation that would allow employees to sue their bosses for, basically, being jerks. Apparently, bad bosses are a growing trend, so it’s only natural that state legislatures create abusive work environment bills — because what we really need is another avenue for frivolous lawsuits.

A lot of bosses suck. There are a billion bad boss stories. Some bosses are pricks because it works. Some are pricks just to be pricks. Some are very nice, but completely inept and incompetent. You know what you do about bad bosses? You deal. Or you quit. Or better yet, you tell your boss to jump up your ass and then you quit. Keep the goddamn lawyers out of it, because — in essence — you’re just trading one prick for another.

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I -will- say that under a certain tax-bracket and in a certain-sized town, quitting just isn't a reality. People can be blacklisted or unable to find more work for another reason, and as unskilled labor, they're pretty much dispensable anyway.

I'm a little conflicted on this. On the one hand, I agree that solving all of life's problems with a lawsuit is not the way to go. On the other hand, I've worked for people who have no problem engaging in manipulation, intimidation, and divide-and-conquer tactics among their employees. I've seen these same employers then turn around and convince themselves that they are good people and the world is out to get them. No kidding. Once I had enough, I quit, which anybody should do if they can. That said, I wouldn't have minded a little payback...

But isn't that why we have HR departments? So that if your boss is being an ass you have someone to lodge a complaint with? Why on earth would we need more lawsuits? Clearly it's a good thing I never entered the legal profession - obviously I'd be terrible at it.

Nope, Alex. The HR dept. is strictly there to protect the company. They don't care how unhappy you are--just whether you might sue.