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Common Sense Lesson #135

fakenames.jpgThink about a good false name ahead of time, and do a little research on it - hell, they got websites that’ll give you a nice false name lickety-split. And if you heed this lesson, you won’t end up like Vincent Lloyd Massey. See, Mr. Massey got pulled over in the wee hours of the morning. Actually, he was the passenger and it was his buddy who was pulled over. And because his buddy was driving on a suspended license, Massey was left to drive the car home.

Before the Maryland cops let him go, however, they asked to see his license. But Massey decided not to give them his license - he told them he forget it and, instead, threw out a fake name which he claimed as his own.

Unfortunately for Mr. Massey, that name belonged to a felon currently wanted by the U.S. Marshal’s service! So the cops got an arrest warrant and arrested our poor Mr. Massey. He then fessed up that he wasn’t this felon, but was actually just plain old Vincent Massey. Of course, the cops kept him under arrest even after confirming this, since they could now charge him with giving a false statement to the cops.

Research, people, research.