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Common Sense Lesson #132

google.jpgLet’s say that, hypothetically, you were thinking abut killing your husband. Do not, I repeat, do not start doing internet searches for things like local gun laws, “instant poisons,” “undetectable poisons,” “fatal digoxin doses” and, especially, “how to commit murder.” That could become evidence which might just come back to bite you in the ass.

That’s what 34-year-old Melanie McGuire has learned in her current trial. She’s facing murder charges for allegedly shooting her husband several days after these internet searches were made. McGuire also got a prescription for the “date rape” drug, and the prescription was written by a doctor with whom, according to e-mails also found on the computer, she was having an affair.

And if you simply must use the internet to hatch your murder plans (or crime sprees of any sort, for that matter), might I suggest that thoroughly erase the hard drive. Maybe burn it and toss the remains into the river.

Or, you know, just get a divorce from your husband, like normal people.