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Climbing our way to the top, bit by itty-bitty bit

BUtower.jpgMy old pal Dave Hoffman has found a supposedly early copy of the new US News & World Report law school rankings, leaked a few days ahead of the “official” release. The top five remain virtually unchanged from last year:

2. Harvard (tie)
2. Stanfard (tie)
4. NYU
5. Columbia

The players are the same, and the only difference here is that Harvard crept up from third to a second-place tie, and Columbia dipped to fifth from last year’s tie for fourth.

In fact, the schools in the top twenty remain exactly the same (though shuffled from last year’s position a little) with one exception. George Washington fell down a couple of spots from last year’s three-way tie at 19, landing at 22.

And who crept into the top twenty?

QuizLaw’s very own Boston University, now sitting at a two way twentieth-place tie with the University of Minnesota. Of course, BU’s ranking doesn’t really mean shit to Dustin or I in any real sense, nor did we have anything to do with the small rise in position (unless the US News folks are QuizLaw readers – if so, give us a shout out, yo!). But since it suddenly makes us more credible, we’ll take it.

…still not enough to get into the ATL March Madness though, damn it!

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That is disgusting - Yale doesn't have any "lawyering" courses to speak of, and Harvard doesn't even require grades any longer. It's Pass/Fail headquarters!