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bug.jpgAhead of May 25th’s release of the Ashley Judd thriller, Bug, about a couple of motel patrons who get infected with some seriously vicious bed bugs, it seems that lawyers are also catching bug fever. In Arkansas, for instance, a woman is claiming that she was infested by hundreds of bed bugs during her stay at a cheap motel while she was recuperating from breast cancer.

Rose M. Pagley-Brown is suing the Stone Motel, in Siloam Springs, Arkansas, alleging that a bed-bug infestation caused her a lot of “pain and mental anguish, embarrassment and humiliation, medical bills and expenses.” She said she woke up one morning with pain and itching and “saw and felt countless bugs on her body and in her bed.” She said she captured three of the bugs in a plastic bag.

The motel owner, Bruce Stone, denies the allegations, stating that the motel had been inspected twice for bed begs and cleared. Meanwhile, Pagley-Brown now says that she’s haunted by nightmares involving bugs feeding off her body.

Strangely, Pagley-Brown’s bed bug lawsuit comes just when a rash of similar lawsuits are making their way to the courts. In Chicago, for instance, three tenants in an apartment complex are suing for injuries allegedly sustained by bed bugs; another woman is also suing a New York hotel for $20 million, after allegedly suffering more than 500 bed bug bites. And, as we wrote in January, an opera singer is suing the Hilton Corporation for $6 million, alleging over 150 bites.

One has to wonder, though, if the rash of lawsuits has more to do with (*throat clear*) opportunistic lawyers, or if bed-bug bites are actually worth the millions of dollars these plaintiff’s claim. If it’s anything like the Ashley Judd movie, though, I’d probably argue that $20 million is a steal.

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