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Best Batman lawsuit ever

batman.jpgChris Nolan, director of Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, may soon find himself sued by Batman. Not Bruce Wayne’s alter ego, mind you. Nah. Nolan may find himself sued by the city of Batman, a city in Turkey. The mayor of this city, Hüseyin Kalkan, thinks it’s bogus that Nolan has abused “the royalty of the name Batman,” which he says belongs to the city.

Mayor Kalkan, speaking to the Hürriyet Daily News and the Economic Review, said last year foreign media picked up on Batman and the city’s increasing suicide rates among women. He said a columnist asked why Batman’s mayor did not sue the movie Batman for royalties while struggling with economic problems. “We found this criticism right and started to look for legal possibilities of a case like that,” he said.

This guy give the Joker a run for his money when it comes to crazy….

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Oh Turkey, you so crazy!

So how would that work? Would they have to show that the creator of Batman (sorry comic fans, I have no idea who that is!) knew of that city and was inspired by it or it's name when creating batman? What are the elements of the claim? Seems like it won't work.

One of the many reasons I love Turks. Never a dull moment and they earn the reputation they have gotten in every Persian joke ever. Although, technically he didn't come up with this brilliant plan on his own.

as Curious Hair stated above, this guy lays to rest any doubts regarding the turkish reputation in persian jokes as the "village idiots". Good job man. Ata Turk would be proud.

"Aduh!" What's next Florida sues makers of Good Times or Montana sues Disney or multiple cities sue the Simpsons creater for using Springfield? Tell me where does it end?

Batman was created by Bob Kane and first appeared in 1939. If Turkey wins this lawsuit, then the woman are probably committing suicide out of shame.