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At least one Irishman has a lot more in common with Texans than just being a drunk

ireland.jpgYesterday, we told you about the cussin’ Canadian judge. Well, the Canuck judges aren’t the only ones issuing apologies. Last week an Irish judge had to issue his own little apology as well. Judge Sean McBride was overseeing a criminal trial of his own, this time for robbery. While he was sentencing the man, he said that he, personally, would “blow the head off” anyone who broke into his home.

This got some folks worked up, including the Irish Council for Civil Liberties, which called the comment “outrageous.” So Judge McBride apologized for the words he used, but explained what his underlying point was:

“I was trying to emphasise my revulsion at the violation of the safety of peoples homes - of the sanctuary of their private space,” Judge McBride said.

“I regret my choice of language and want to make it clear that I am totally opposed to the use of guns and against all violence.”

Now Seth, you might be saying, if he’s actually “opposed to the use of guns,” the title of this entry doesn’t make much sense. Well maybe it’s just me, but I’m guessing that this part of his statement was a throwaway crowd-pleaser and that the real truth is that he thinks folks should protect “the sanctuary of their private space” however possible. Of course, he may have been drunk when issuing the statement, in which case all bets are off as to what he truly meant.

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