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“As a landlord, can I install secret cameras to watch my tenants have sex?”

spycam.jpgNo sir, it turns out you cannot, as one central New York man has now learned. The 49-year-old Patrick Kaiser was renting out the upstairs apartment in a building he owned in Oneida, NY. Last December he was convicted of unlawful surveillance after it was learned that he had installed three little secret cameras in that rental unit - one in a bedroom clock, as well as ones in the bathroom and the living room. And Kaiser could watch a live feed from any of these cameras on a TV in his apartment, right downstairs.

Kaiser apologized during last week’s sentencing hearing:

What I did was stupid. I didn’t think about all the people I hurt. I didn’t mean to hurt them, and I’m sorry for doing that.

But the empty apology didn’t do him any good, and he was given a shiny new two-to-six year sentence in the clink. So I hope he got to watch lots of great nooky on his little spy cams, because he’s going to need lots of fantasy material to help occupy those cold lonely nights.

And the lesson for the rest of you is this - when you’re planning to install spy cams in your rental units, try to turn it into a positive. Hell, include it right in the rental advertisement:

Apartment lease includes live short-circuit sex feed, at no extra cost to you!