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Arkansas’ Arkansas’s That state where Clinton’s from? At least one legislator is paid too much money!

apostrophe.jpgOn Tuesday Representative Steve Harrelson filed a resolution trying to settle the “debate” over the possessive form of the state’s name. He would like it declared as “Arkansas’s,” abolishing any use of the obviously uncouth Arkansas’. It’s not a binding resolution, mind you, so even if it passes, folks can still use whatever they want.

So why is Representative Harrelson wasting the state’s time with a meaningless resolution (which would, let’s be honest, be meaningless even if it was binding)? Seems he’s got a family friend who wants this stupid resolution, so “[t]his is merely a favor.”

The friend, Parker Westbrook, “describes himself as a ‘longtime practical Arkansas historian,’” and he’s been bugging Representative Harrelson for this resolution for years. The 81-year-old further acknowledged that “[i]t’s an esoteric subject, yes, but it is amazing how many people don’t understand the possessive case.”

I think it’s amazing that the taxpayer’s taxpayers’ money is being utterly squandered on such nonsense.

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I'm a proofreader, and while lawyers of the future would likely never do anything with this, I'd print it out and cite it to my company's clients if they passed it.

Hell, I'd probably pin a copy of the resolution to my cubicle wall.

Even though I'm right on this one *grin*, the criticism directed my way is deserved. I filed this as a simple resolution in hopes that it would sail through on the front end of our voting calendar (during the same period of the day when we recognize local tennis stars and commend couples for managing to stay married for an extended period), but it has somehow caught the attention of reporters, scholars, and historians.

I filed this for an old family friend and nationally recognized historian (actually a close friend of the Clintons). While I think it's okay to quickly debate our historical roots as a people, I didn't anticipate that this would reflect as poorly on my colleagues as it has.

Of all the legislation I've filed and pursued, I just have to laugh about this one being scooped up and disseminated in the way it has.