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Are these morons getting dumber or just louder?

simpsons-schip-page-not-a-hack-say-republicans-mayor-quimby.jpgFinally, a politician that speaks his mind. Of course, it’ll cost him his political career. But the brutal truth can set you free. From your job.

No one can say Bill Beck is an indecisive politician. He tells it just as he sees it.
Beck walked into the last city council meeting in St. Antony, Idaho and announced his resignation as mayor.
Beck said the townspeople were too stupid to understand, and the city council members too stupid to work with.
He then told the town to go to hell.
When Beck announced his resignation, the audience broke into applause.

My favorite part here is that, after he resigned and called the townspeople stupid, they applauded as only stupid people can do.

Fun Fact: Sarah Palin attended college in Idaho.