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A Silver Lining in the Recession

james-dobson-715082.gifMan, this recession blows. I never thought that something like a little old worldwide economic recession would actually affect me, but Dear God, it’s killing me. Thankfully, I’m not like one of the 50,000 Citigroup employees laid off earlier this week, or among the 1 million people laid off since the beginning of 2008. I’m still making the mortage payments, y’all! For now.

But the recession isn’t all bad. I mean, gas prices are down $1 over the same period last year (and down, like, $2.50 since July), consumer prices, I read, were down a record one percent in October, and ummm … gun sales are up!

But you know what the best part of the recession is? Focus on the Family, the right-wing nutjob institute of religious zealotry that just spent $500,000 to defeat Prop 8 in California, is having to lay off 20 percent of its workforce! Yay for unemployed bigots! Want more: Oral Roberts, which spits out hate-and-fear mongering evangelist by the hundreds, is also laying off 10 percent of its staff! Yay for unemployed, academic bigots.

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Someone named their child Oral? No wonder he hates fun, he was probably tortured in junior high.