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A QuizLaw Story Update - “Arkansas’s” is almost official!

apostrophe.jpgAt the beginning of the month, we told you about the silly little resolution introduced by state Representative Steve Harrelson, seeking to declare the state name’s possessive form, in an attempt to settle the debate once and for all. That entry even got a comment from Representative Harrelson himself, noting that while he acknowledged the silliness of the resolution, it’s no more out there than any of the other stupid things that get stuffed into the end of the voting calendar (“we recognize local tennis stars and commend couples for managing to stay married for an extended period”). And for the record, I totally know that an insane number of “stupid” bills and resolutions get submitted, so I don’t think this was any sort of lunatic abuse of the system (no more so than all of the stupid legislation is an abuse of the system).

In any event, congrats to Representative Harrelson and his historian family friend - on Tuesday, the state Senate approved the resolution, which the House had approved the week before. So it’ll now go before Governor Beebe, and if he signs off on it, this grisly ordeal will be over and we can finally put this incident behind us and never speak of it again.*

*Credit to this turn of phrase must, of course, be given to Papa Bear O’Reilly, as these are the words he used in ushering in an era of silence with regards to the whole loofah sex harassment thing.