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A Friday Afternoon Play

curtains.jpgCast: RKJ (Ryan Keith Johnson, a department store loss prevention officer), GIRL (a 16-year-old-girl) and COP (a cop).

March 7, 2007. Scene opens on a Kohl’s department store in Texas. RKJ approaches GIRL.

RKJ: Well howdy, lil’ girl. I see you are shoplifting.

GIRL: Nuh-uh.

RKJ: I’m afraid so, lil’ girl. I see all the things you have. Why, there’s enough there to charge you with a felony.

GIRL: I said nuh…uh!

RKJ: But it’s ok, lil’ girl. Because here’s the thing. If you have sex with me right now, your record will be clean.

GIRL: Oh, I can like totally do that…[gobble, gobble, swallow].

RKJ: Thanks, lil’ girl. Now git!

GIRL exits. Lights change, indicating time moving forward. COP enters.

RKJ: Well howdy, lil’ copper.

COP: Good day sir. Witnesses say you blackmailed a girl and extorted sex from her. ‘Round these parts, we call that indecency with a child.

RKJ: Indee-who with the what now?

COP: That’s a second-degree felony. Come with me sir.

And scene.