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A Dingo Ate My Baby

Michael-Vick-R_0.jpgSometimes, I wonder if people even listen to what the hell is coming out of their mouths. Like, Stacey Campfield, who is “just an average guy” that also happens to be responsible for passing legislation in the great state of Tennessee (and I’ll refrain from the use of [sic] lest this post be littered with them):

Does anyone besides me see the hypocrisy of some on the left who go nuts about Michael Vick and the whole dog fighting thing and yet are the same people who don’t care about the loss of human life caused by illegal aliens or are the same people who fight for the right to kill unborn babies?
I hear the battle cry of: “It is my body, it is my property, I can do with it what I want” from the pro aborts, but the opposite cry from the same person against a person who’s property is a dog. Do they respect the life of a dog more then they respect the life of a human?
My friend Lee Frank made a comment to me after the radio show “Lets talk Frank” I was on this afternoon. He said … ‘If Terry Schiavo was a dolphin or a dog (or a wale) she would still be alive today.” I found it hard to disagree.I started to think: How many dogs have been killed in dog fights versus how many babies have been killed in abortion clinics or by illegal immigrants. I bet dog deaths pale by comparison. But what do we see on TV every day on about every news channel?
Dog fighting is cruel and inhumane. But if Vick could have figured out a way to pit two unborn babies against each other in a fight to the death, maybe we’d outlaw killing children as quickly as we rushed to enhance penalties for crimes involving our pets.

First of all, what the fuck is a “wale” and why would being one make it any more likely that a brain-dead coma patient would be alive today? And second of all, is this dude actually suggesting that illegal immigrants kill babies?

And man alive, how awesome would it be if someone could figure out how to pit unborn babies against each other in a fight to the death … in a muddy pen on rural farm in backwoods America? I think Palahniuk has his next novel.

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wale refers to the thickness of the lines you see on corduroy.
so, if she was a "wale" i guess she would be incognizant, and speaking for the liberal left we would be more than willing to fight for her rights.
everyone knows how much the left loves corduroy - think about college professors. blazers, pants, even shoulder bags. we're all over it. and i for one would certainly back any legislation preserving its rights. in fact i'm going to j. crew right now to adopt some of our helpless cotton friends...

Dang! I din't even know folks wore corduroy anything any more!

Unborn baby mud wrestling. Inside the womb. I guess that Would reduce the number of abortions. 'Cuz they're unborn, see? I love how logic flies out the window.

Yea, it does appear that Stacey is stating that illegal aliens do kill unborn babies. But he does have a valid point about the hypocrisy of the situation. The dogs are Vic's property and he has the right to terminate any unwanted dogs. Didn't the Human Society put down the dogs anyway? But I don't know, I have been out of the loop for awhile.

But I think his lawyers should have claimed 'dog-fighting' has a religious influence on his life. And he was just practicing his protected right to worship as he sees fit. The poor performing dogs were sacrificed to his Warrior Dog Fighting god, to watch over the other dogs who had upcoming matches. That would make more sense to me, then planning rallies and protesting outside of courthouse against the cruelty of animals but turning a blind eye to the 43 million babies that have been sacrificed upon the Alter of Freedom because a woman doesn't want to take responsibility for her actions.