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And cops wonder why they’re so often hated?

dave-matthews.jpgCheck this shit out — in an area south of Milwaukee, a cop was patrolling the parking lot outside a music arena. It was late at night, and he found a teenager sleeping in his car. The cop knocked on the window and 19-year-old Travis Peterson explained that he had gotten a bit drunk at a Dave Matthews Band concert and so he was sleeping it off. Putting aside the fact that he was underage, that’s very responsible of Mr. Peterson. The cop, however, was unmoved, and said that because the lot was being cleared he was ordering Peterson to drive off.

So Peterson did as he was told, and as soon as he was out of the parking lot, he was promptly arrested for drunk driving. At his trial, he was found guilty and hit with 60 days in the clink after the state argues that Peterson couldn’t claim entrapment because he chose to drink too much in the first place.

The Wisconsin Court of Appeals has now told the state to take that argument and shove it:

“Drinking alcohol to excess, while inadvisable and unhealthy, is not unlawful by itself,” the appeals court said.

Drunks of the world, hoist one in celebration of our win!

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See, this is why nobody in Jersey has any manners!

jets-fans.jpgCraig Fletcher tried to do the right thing. Late last month, he was robbing a house, and had stuffed three laptops and an Xbox into his backback. That’s not the right thing.

So the homeowner wound up interrupting him, and chased Fletcher on foot. Fletcher tossed the bag and made a prompt getaway. That’s not the right thing either.

Sometime later, guilt apparently eating away at him, Fletcher showed back up to the house to apologize. That’s the right thing.

Only, the victim had him arrested. Fucking ingrate.

This guy needs to take a lesson from Meatloaf

meatloaf.jpgAll Frank Paul Reyos wanted to do was get married. So he took his girlfriend and off the pair hopped to the local courthouse for a quick and simple marriage.

Turns out Reyos was a fugitive, wanted by the local gang unit for aggravated robbery charges. In fact, the cops described Reyos as “Salt Lake County’s Public Enemy No. 1.”

Some of you are thinking, “that’s so romantic — despite being wanted, he decided to take a chance in going to the courthouse to marry his true love.” Others are thinking, “he’s a dumb ass.”

The second group is right — Reyos was recognized and promptly arrested. And if he thought he wouldn’t be recognized, he might’ve tried to cover up his face tattoos especially the spiderweb on his forehead.

Moral of the story? It’s ok to do anything for love, but maybe don’t go to the courthouse when you’re a fucking wanted felon. That was one of the lines in that Meatloaf song, right?

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How not to get busted for driving around with pot and coke in your car…

baby-on-board.jpg…don’t drive around with your two-year-old grandson hanging out of your car window.

Congrats to the New Junior Senator from Minnesota

(Hat tip: TPMDC)

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On a more serious note…

supreme1.jpgThis morning, I was being rather juvenile. Turning to the less-cock-more-important realm of things, the Lawinfo Blog has a nice little roundup of the more significant cases from the just-concluded 2008-09 Supreme Court term. From discriminating against white firefighters to strip searching students for ibuprofen, from immunity for the Iraqi government and former AG Ashcroft to indecency on the public airwaves, this term covered a lot of interesting topics.

Give it a read so you stay up-to-date with what’s going on in the Highest Court in the Land, won’t ya?

Juvenile Mondays, Coming at Ya!

shinnecock.jpgOver at The TTABlog we learn that the Federal Circuit has affirmed a decision to refuse trademark protection for a cigarettes which were found to falsely suggest a connection to the Shinnecock Indian Nation. Understandable decision, since the smokes used the mark “Shinnecock” and had an overall appearance suggesting Indian-type association.

Seems like the court’s actually doing the company a favor, saving it from some lost profits. I dunno about you, but I can’t imagine a lot of smokers jumping to run up to a cashier and ask: “pack of shiney cock smokes, please.”