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What debts will you be able to discharge?

For the most part, all of your unsecured debts will be discharged in a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy; in other words, all of your credit card debts and any other debts you might owe to creditors such as utility payments, cable or telephone, or merchant credit. However, there are some cases in which even those debts will not be discharged, such as debts that arise from fraudulent activity (you secured loan with no intention of paying it back, for instance), debts that arise from lying about your financial condition, recent debts for luxury items (debts over $1,150 to one creditor within 60 days of filing for bankruptcy), or recent cash advances more than $1,150. However, even the above described debts will be written off unless the creditor objects; and considering how expensive it is for a creditor to challenge a debt, it’s often not worth it for the creditor.