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Your beverage is like bad medicine

jobBon.jpgJon Bon Jovi might be getting ready to ride his steel horse to court, as he’s sent a cease-and-desist letter to Mijovi. Who or what is Mijovi, you ask?

Apparently, Mijovi is a company which makes a beverage of the same name which is sold at least in New Jersey. And old Jon Bon seems to think that this company/beverage name is just a touch too close to his own name for comfort.

The founder of Mijovi says the name doesn’t come from Jon Bon’s name, but is an ode to his girlfriend, whose name is Jovita. But as the WSJ Law Blog points out, “one of the product’s marketing slogans is ‘itsmilife,’” which sure seems close to the title of Bon Jovi’s track “It’s My Life.” After this was also pointed out in the cease-and-desist letter, the Mijovi founder stopped using the slogan, although he doesn’t plan to change the name, because he thinks Jon Bon is being unfair and unreasonable. If he thinks that Jon Bon is going to back down, however, I think that he’s … wait for it … wait for it … livin’ on a prayer!

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I'm probably in the minority but I can see Jon's point of view. The maker of the energy drink is a NJ native and MUST be aware of Bon Jovi. His girlfriend may be named Jovita and it's an easy way out in case you get caught out, which he did. "itsmilife" and "itsmyjovi". You can't tell me he didn't get that from the band. It's a "back up" to say the drink is named after his girlfriend. But I still believe he's using Jon's name to get noticed. What a good marketing ploy, name your drink so closely after the biggest band to ever come out of New Jersey. Jon obviously sees that and that is why he's so upset about it.