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You’ll take this money from my cold dead hands

heston.jpgIn January 2005, southern California suffered from torrential rains, which caused many mudslides. One such mudslide caused a fair amount of damage to the home owned by Jerome and Flora Heilwell. After fighting with their insurance company for two years in an attempt to recover their damages, they’ve turned their sights on a new target - Charlton Heston.

The Heilwells’ home sits downhill from Heston’s home, a house he built back in 1959 with Ben-Hur money. The Heilwells’ home was damaged by shit rolling down that hill, you see, and they claim that it’s Heston’s fault because there was “slope failure” on his property which caused said shit to roll downhill. Heston’s lawyer suggests that this lawsuit is BS, saying that Heston only owns 10% of the property on that hillside, and that the Heilwells actually own the rest of the property. The Heilwells are unwilling to comment on the suit.

When the 83-year-old actor himself was asked for a comment on the lawsuit he said “those damn dirty apes can go fuck themselves,” and then he fired two warning shots into the air.