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You put the balm on? Who told you to put the balm on? Starbucks Edition

starbucks.jpgIf there is anything we learned following the Stella Liebeck McDonald’s hot-coffee case that resulted in an initial $2.9 million personal injury award, it’s that coffee and lawyers are a dangerous combination.

Further evidence: A Manhattan lawyer, Alice Griffin, has just won a $301,000 verdict against Starbucks, after a clerk spilled some coffee on her. Apparently, an underpaid barista — who was probably hung over from his band’s performance the night before — slid a sleeveless cup of coffee toward Griffin (a practice that only bartenders with Coors Light should engage in). The cup tipped over the edge of the counter and spilled all over Griffin’s poor foot, where her shoe and sock trapped the warm liquid inside, resulting in a nasty little burn and early retirement.

The appellate judge, who found the award a bit excessive, upheld it anyway, rejecting Starbucks’ argument that the evidence did not support the judgment. The reason for the large award was because Griffin was also a ballet dancer and the resultant burn caused permanent damage to her foot, rendering her incapable of performing.

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A ballet dancing lawyer? What the fuck? By the time she finished law school she would have been too friggin old to be a serious ballet dancer. I think I'm gonna go pull out my old pointe shoes and get some money for myself. Sheesh. Aside from that, ballerina's feet are so jacked up from years of abuse that I doubt a little hot coffee would cause that big a problem. Would have made more sense if she had said she was a foot model.