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Winslow Friday, You’re on Notice!

colbert-notice-board.jpgRemember that commercial with the American Indian shedding a tear because America isn’t being kept beautiful? (If not, it’s at the end of this post.) Well when a Northern Arapaho Indian shot and killed a bald eagle back in 2005, I picture Stephen Colbert similarly shedding a lone tear of sadness.

Winslow Friday is the Indian in question, and he shot the eagle as a part of his tribe’s Sun Dance, a religious ceremony. And the Tenth Circuit has now ruled that Friday must face criminal charges because, according the Tenth, the trial court was wrong in deciding that the laws protecting eagles violate Native American religious freedoms. Friday will likely appeal this case some more, so it could be some time before he actually faces charges.

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I remember that commercial from my youth. However, seeing it again, I'm suddenly struck by how much the native American looks like Ben Stiller. Creepy.