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Why so terrorist?

the-joker.jpgYes, it was only a matter of time before some type of copycat crime arose in the wake of the summer behemoth that was The Dark Knight. And now some teenagers from Virginia have taken up that mantle. But they didn’t start doing magic tricks with pencils, thankfully; rather, they simply created “a series of playing cards that were defaced with threatening writing and left at stores in Christiansburg and Pearisburg — a gesture police said the teens admitted had been inspired by” The Dark Knight.

Here’s where the story is odd. I don’t have a major problem with them being arrested and charged with assault or something of that nature (although even that seems a bit over the top, given that the cards apparently just said “Joker” on them). But they were charged with conspiracy to commit an act of terrorism. Even the police chief acknowledged that it seemed like these two 18-year-olds just got carried away with a prank.

But now they’re going to get to find out what Casual Fridays are all about.