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When you need a smoke, you need a smoke

ciggy.jpgSo there was a car chase from last week which definitely had one of the most bizarre things you’ll ever see in a chase. A suspected bank robber led local cops on a chase through Phoenix. All of a sudden, the fugitive pulled his truck into a convenience store and ran inside to buy some cigarettes. The clerk said, “I gave him [the cigarettes] and he gave me $20 and he left.” The fugitive then hopped back in his truck and continued on his police chasing ways (presumably after entering Marlboro Country). As is almost always the case, he was eventually caught after the cops snared him with a spike strip. (You can see a video of some of the chase here.)

It’s too bad the cigarette companies can’t run TV commercials anymore, because this footage would make for an excellent Marlboro Light or P-Funk spot.