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What the Hell is Going on in Canada?

595114795_35d5cd55cc.jpgLast week, we gave you the absolutely ridiculous case in Canada where a 12-year-old girl sued her father because she felt her punishment was too harsh and won. This week, the Human Rights Tribunal in Vancouver has agreed to hear a case brought against a stand-up comedian by two lesbians, who are complaining that … well … the comedian was being too mean to them, after the two lesbians heckled him


Isn’t that what comedians do? Mock hecklers by making stereotypical jokes about them? Is something going on in Canada? Seriously: Does the legal system have so little to do that they would actually entertain this case?

Still, I wish to hell I knew what the comedian said about the lesbians to prompt a couple of drunk gravy swappers to file suit. Those Canadians: They’re, like, legislating politeness now, aren’t they? The whole goddamn country should be forced to spend a month in Jersey, just to toughen them up a little. Sheesh.

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Maybe their judges get paid per case.

As a Canadian, I am obliged to inform you that being impolite is not only an affront to the flag, Parliament, bunnies, and Alan Thicke, but it is also practically a felony. Also, it's not nice.

Have a good day.