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Want Change? Write Your Local Elected Representative. Or Choke Him. Whichever.

chokeaimmigrant.jpgHe hates the immigrants. He really hates the immigrants!

A Parkville man charged with threatening in an e-mail to “choke the life out of” Gov. Martin O’Malley has been freed from house detention. However, a Baltimore County judge ordered Tuesday that Walter Abbott cannot possess a gun or be within 500 feet of the governor. Abbott was arrested in March, hours after state police say he sent an e-mail to the governor’s official Web site threatening him with strangulation. He is charged with threatening a public official and conveying a threat.
Police say Abbott disagreed with the governor’s position on immigration. Abbott’s wife, Linda, has said her husband, a construction worker, believes he is losing work to illegal immigrants.

I’m guessing he’s not losing work to immigrants as much as he’s losing work because he’s a goddamn psycho-homicidal freak. There’s just not enough openings for crazy people in the construction industry anymore.

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Actually, there are plenty of openings for crazy people in the construction industry. If the motherfucker showed up on time and sober, I'd probably make him a foreman! Think of he'd run a crew!

Um. What kind of construction workers do you know if you think that crazies are a rarity? Just saying dear old dad is still in construction and as far as the heavy equipment operators go if they aint bat shit, they aint a construction worker.