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Twitter, Like Rock n Roll, is Here to Stay

Also, like Rock n Roll, it’s sure to be homogenized, corporatized, and rendered completely irrelevant in a matter of months. Jon Stewart is here to help the cause.

Elsewhere, Bill Maher, too, takes a swipe at Twitter, iPhone apps, and Snuggies.

The backlash has begun in earnest, folks. But then again, without Twitter, we’d have never been blessed with Felicia Day’s wonderful Twitter incident.

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Don't worry Dustin, I'm young, and I hate both Twitter and texting. I want to smash a cell phone into oblivion every time I see some asshole texting.

The Snuggie is a robe you wear backwards, without the handy tie to keep it secure. I.. don't understand.

I have a Snuggie, in my town we call it a SWEATER. Stupidest commercial I have ever seen.

And Twittering, OMG, like i need to know that you just scuffed your shoe on the way to the bathroom.

The one time in life I actually agree with Mill Maher