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Throw the Frat Boy Down the Well

Last weekend, when I attended Borat, I thought a few things about the film: 1) That is was freakin’ hilarious; 2) that it was kind of depressing that we live in a culture where prejudice and ignorance are so easily exposed (the Borat character may have been a joke, but certainly Borat’s victims saw the cameras); and 3) that the fraternity boys in the film – well, their life is fucked. I haven’t seen that much rampant homophobia, racism and misogyny since I left the South 15 years ago … and there it was, for all of America to see.

Those boys will never get laid again.

So I thought that if anyone was going to sue the makers of Borat, it would be those frat boys — and I’d argue they even have a decent case for the eternal loss of consortium. And sure enough, word comes today that two of the fraternity men — unnamed in the lawsuit — have filed legal action, claiming they were duped into appearing in Borat , wherein they engaged in behavior they otherwise would not have engaged in. Apparently, the producers of the film even liquored up the frat boys at a bar, before having them pick up Borat in an RV. And after drinking heavily, they were asked to sign a release form, which they thought had to do with the reliability of the RV.

But, here again: Drunk or not drunk, there were obviously cameras in the midst. And, clearly, the frat boys knew that whatever they were saying would make it out for public consumption. They may have some sort of legal incapacitation argument, having signed the release while heavily intoxicated, but there’s no excuse for what they were saying other than complete assholery.