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This year, I’m thankful for Stormy Daniels

stormyd.jpgAn appeals court has said that Pulaski Township’s anti-porn ordinance is unconstitutionally vague. Which means that the local adult video store no longer has to shut down on state-recognized holidays. So this Thanksgiving, the folks in Pulaski can say “whatever” with turkey and stuffing, and go get them a video with some real stuffing.

If you know what I mean.

And I think you do.

I mean sex, people. Hardcore fucking.

Turkey basters optional.

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"Thanks Adele. I'm going to tell you something; you are very bad at innuendo."

"Oh really? Well I want you bad in my end-o. I'm talking you nailing my butt! "

Three Elle, we used to call that a "single entendre."