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This sounds like just a touch of an overreaction

rockHucking.jpgIn Dustin’s wonderful home state of Arkansas, 9-year-old Demotric Moore was being the type of little miscreant that young lads often, by their very nature, simply are. In this instance, that miscreant nature took the form of him hucking rocks at the home of one Jonathan Watts. According to the captain of the police (we’ll get to why he’s talking about this in a moment), Watts has had problems with kids hucking rocks at his home before. In fact, the 50-year-old Watts responded to one such incident by hurling a brick at the kid who was responsible for the rock hucking.

And sadly, one wishes that Watts had simply hurled a brick at Moore. That surely would’ve led to a better outcome for Moore than being killed by a gunshot wound to the neck. Said the surly Watts as he was being cuffed: “I’ve had it with these kids and the rock throwing.” Well that’s fine - I hear you on that, Mr. Watts. But, uhm, maybe you call the cops. Or get some shutters to protect the window. Hell, get a guard dog. But shooting a kid in the neck? For shame.

Oh, and if you were sick of the rock throwing, I can’t wait to see what your thoughts are on the salad tossing you’ll get in the big house. Bastard.