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The latest fad in prisoner attempts to bust out of jail

cLogo.jpgThere were these four prisoners in the El Reno federal prison who concocted a hilarious scheme to try to get out of prison. Allegedly, these four prisoners filed for copyright protection of their names (which you can’t copyright anyways). Then they sent demand notices to the warden, seeking millions of dollars as damages for the prison’s “wrongful” use of their copyrighted names on prison registries.

When no money came their way, they filed a lien on his property! And they also hired a guy to have the warden’s cars seized, to freeze his bank accounts and to change the locks on his house (a case of “we ain’t getting out, you ain’t getting in”). Once this was taken care of, they told the warden that he’d only get all his property back if they were released from prison.

But - ooopsies - the guy they hired never actually did what he was supposed to because, wouldn’t you know it, the dude just so happened to be an undercover Fed. So the warden’s stuff was never actually seized and the prisoners don’t get a “get out of jail free card.” Instead, they face various new criminal charges, which could add more years in the clink and some hefty fines. Well played, sirs.