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The Daily Memo - 7/3/07

check.jpgSlate’s got two interesting pieces about healthcare reform and Michael Moore’s Sicko. (Medical Examiner and Chatterbox)

check.jpgThe Mayor’s Office in NYC is actually considering an idiotic law that would require amateur photographers and filmmakers to get a permit and insurance before photographing or filming on any city property (and this includes sidewalks). (The New York Times)

check.jpgAl Davis must be rolling in his grave, as his twenty-year litigation against the NFL has (finally) been put to rest by the California Supremes. (ESPN)

check.jpgA set of 10-year-old quintuplets are stuck in the middle of a custody battle that centers largely on the mother trying to impose a strict vegan diet on them. (TampaBay.com)

check.jpgOhio’s prison system has been sued by the mother of a man who was executed in 2006 because his execution took almost 90 minutes, instead of the usual 20 minutes. (CNN)

check.jpg“What the school cases mean for the workplace.” (SCOTUSblog)

check.jpgIn Arizona, all public classrooms from grade seven through college must now display a US flag and copies of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, (AZcentral)

check.jpgA Vegas doctor and his wife have been charged with using unapproved Botox without telling their patients that they were getting a face full of experimental toxin. (Yahoo! News)

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Re the idiotic NY law, they have one in California now. You can no longer have a professional photograph people at the beach (at least in Orange County) without a permit. Seriously.