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The Daily Memo - 10/24/06

check.jpgBlawg Review #80 is bringing the Socratic method to the masses. (Blawg Review)

check.jpgWell this is a civil rights lawsuit waiting to happen - a Michigan judge dismissed a small-claims court case because the Muslim woman who filed the suit wouldn’t take off her veil while testifying. (FindLaw)

check.jpgScalia doesn’t think social issues like abortion and suicide have any relation to the Constitution and, he reasons, they therefore shouldn’t be put to the courts - but if they are going to be resolved by judges, he thinks there should be less judicial independence. (MSNBC)

check.jpgThe Libertarian candidate for Alabama governor has made her boobs the focus of her campaign. (Guardian Unlimited)

check.jpgThe federal trial in Philadelphia to decide the constitutionality of the Child Online Protection Act is underway. (Slashdot)

check.jpgThe copyright infringement case over The Island is getting prepped for a February trial after cross-summary judgment motions were denied. (The Hollywood Reporter, Esq.)