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The Candian Supreme Court doesn’t care about two-beer queers

two-beers.jpgI don’t know if this is true in the states, too, but up in Canada, I guess there’s an oft-used defense against DUI charges, the so-called “two-beer” defense. The defense has apparently been used for over a decade:

The ‘two-beer defence’ is used to cast doubt on the accuracy of blood-alcohol readings. Defendants hire toxicology experts to calculate the rate at which their bodies metabolize alcohol, arguing that the level of actual impairment varies depending on age, weight and other factors. So just because they failed a Breathalyzer does not mean they were drunk.

Sounds good to me. But the Canuck Supremes said, “not so much, eh.” The Court recently ruled, 7-2, that breathalyzers remain the only accurate measure of blood-alcohol levels and, thus, drunky-mcdrunkenness.