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Sumertime, and the living’s easy…

summer-associates.jpgGod bless summer associates! I’m writing this at about 12:30 in the morning, when I should be sleeping so I can get up all early tomorrow morning (today morning, as you likely read this, and continue working on a brief, but it was just to difficult leaving the bar when I knew I could chit my credit card bill for booze to the firm since there were summer associates there (yes, I was the most “senior” attorney from the firm there, scary as hell as it might to think that I’m “senior” to anyone).

The point of the story being, there are some perks to working at BigLaw, and it’s not all just about killing babies, though that’s a nice added bonus!

…We have another summer associate happy hour tomorrow night, so while I can’t make any promises, you may just get another random rambling from me tomorrow. God bless the summer associates, god bless them everyone.

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God I miss being a summer associate. Studying for the CA bar sucks donkey balls!