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Spitball fights are getting out of control these days!

caroline-ralph.jpgI remember several times in high school when some of us might have started fucking with a substitute teacher by turning to the aged-old spitball. And I recall several stupid nights at Denny’s where we entertained ourselves with spitballs before advancing to the Creamer Game (which wound up getting us banned from a Denny’s for a period of some months when we got a teensy out of hand). But our spitball fights (or the Creamer Game, for that matter) never lead to anyone getting arrested.

In Florida (naturally), 18-year-old Caroline Ralph has been arrested and charged with battery, culpable negligence and disorderly conduct. Seems there was a spitball fight going on at a Chili’s and, Ralph got fed up with it after a stray spitball landed on her table. So she went over to the table of spitballing girls and a heated argument ensued.

Witnesses say that Ralph went back to her table, paid her bill, and started to leave. But then she took a glass of water and it poured it over the spitballing girls, before hucking the glass aside. That hucked glass wound up hitting a baby girl in the forehead, and Ralph allegedly said she didn’t care that she hit the baby, and took off. Classy. Ralph now claims that the the glass was knocked out of her hand by one of the spitballing girls.

Oh yeah, and while it has no relevance to the story, since the article pointed this out, I might as well too — Ralph is a Hooter’s waitress.

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i think this blog should be renamed "floridajackasses.com"

What is it about Chili's that makes people so pissed off? Oh yea, the food.

Are you sure that isn't a photo of a mannequin? There's a somewhat eerie resemblance....