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henny-penny.jpg“The economy is failing. Recession. Recession I say!!!”

Calm down, Chicken Little. Things may have been looking a little rough there for a while, but you don’t need to go around throwing that nasty *whisper* r *whisper* word anymore. No-siree-bob. Because Congress is here to fix all our economic woes!

That’s right - economic stimulus is on the horizon, as the House and Senate both passed a bill that’ll send a $600 rebate to everyone who makes less than $75,000 a year (and couples making less than $150K will get $1200), plus $300 for each kid. Now I don’t mean to scoff — six hundred bucks is certainly better than no bucks. But is it really going to fix the troubles of our economy?

Nancy Pelosi says this is putting money “into the hands of those who will spend it immediately, injecting demand into the economy and therefore creating jobs.” Oooooooh, alrighty then.

…If anyone needs me, I’ll be over in the corner with Henny Penny and Cocky Locky.

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Guess what? I'm going to SAVE mine! *muahahahahaha*

...that, or buy a Wii. Hey, this is the last year I'll make it under that salary cut off. Gotta enjoy it while I can!

Dear government: if you actually give me this money I promise I will use it to buy a motorcycle.
~thanks, s.p.

Yeah, this one's going right into the savings account. Thanks for the free money! I mean... wait. We're borrowing this all from China? Dammit! Chalk up another win for the Red Menace.

Oh, wow. They're giving us back some of our own money. But only some of us. And only a little of it.