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QuizLaw’s Hairstyle of the Day

31990102.jpgYou know the old trick (highlighted in shitty sitcoms): A man gets in a minor fender bender, sees opportunity for a quick buck, fakes injury, falls out of car writhing in fake agony, and shows up to court a few weeks later with a brace around his neck and a $50,000 bill for emotional pain and suffering, as well as a $100,000 bill for bogus medical expenses.

Well, one woman has taken the scenario to the extreme. Indeed, around 4 a.m. on Sunday, a car driven by three woman collided with a police cruiser. Shava Shirlee-Sophia Powell was in another car at the time but — watching floating money signs dance in her eyes — she took that opportunity to jump out, hop into the crashed Toyota, and fake an injury, claiming her back was hurt when paramedics arrived.

At the hospital, after doctors found no evidence of injury, the woman attempted to flee when police were called in. Alas, she was foiled when the driver of the car reported that Powell had merely jumped in with the hopes of suing the police department.

If she wanted to bring a lawsuit, though, she might have considered filing one against her hairdresser. Damn.