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Porn Has Gotten Really Expensive Lately

4610506637337039.JPGA Nashville woman, Edwina McCombs, rented a hotel in Southern California for her and her two daughters, ages 8 and 9. After a long day of vacationing, she decided to take a nice bath. While she was bathing, she left her daughters to watch television. A few minutes later, however, one of her daughters knocks on the door and says something like, “Mommy! Mommy! We just saw a man stick his pee-pee in a woman’s wee-wee over and over and over again, and she kept asking the man to tickle her funspot!”

As it turns out, the hotel didn’t have a hotel-wide system in place to block adult movies in the room, so while the girls were looking for The Wizard of Oz, they found The Wizard of Ahhhs.

So, Edwina McCombs sued the hotel. And whaddya know: She won $85,000, $20K of which was for emotional distress damages for the nine-year old daughter, who had to seek counseling because of the incident. And that, my friends, is just stupid. This woman ought to be thrilled! She just got free porn! Way to punch a gift horse in nose.

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Plus, her daughter just got free sex ed!