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He’s Creepy and He’s Kooky — And All Together Spooky

PerezHilton1.jpgOur close blog buddy, favorite blog pal, bestest blog friend, Perez Hilton, is heading back to the courtroom. This time, he’s being sued for defamation in what’s a fairly shaky case for the plaintiff, Samantha Ronson. She claims that Perez’s decision to repeat a false claim made on the site CelebrityBabylon.com is actionable. CelebrityBabylon claimed that Ronson planted the cocaine found in Lindsay Lohan’s car after the crash that ultimately led to LL’s current stint in rehab, and that she also set up LL to be photographed under the influence of alcohol.

Ronson, for her part, claims that she’s never touched cocaine (which suggests she wasn’t particularly good friends with LL), but she’s got a fairly high legal standard to overcome: She must not only prove that the report was false, but that Hilton published it maliciously. The court has decided to allow her attorneys to depose Hilton, for up to four hours, to determine if he was in fact being malicious. It’s a case she won’t likely win. In all likelihood, he saw the headline involved Lindsay, and copy/pasted the report, attached a stolen paparazzi photo, and never even bothered to read the story, making maliciousness next to impossible to prove. Lazy incompetence doesn’t just make you millions, it saves you from defamation suits!

However, I did love that Hilton’s attorney said that Hilton made sure the information was “accurate and trustworthy” before reporting it, which is bullshit, of course. Clearly, Perez doesn’t do any fact checking nor does he check his sources from the coffee shop he blogs from, hovered over the pastry counter and three Venti lattes. Also, he’s a blogger, which by definition means that half of what he reports is inaccurate or fabricated.

In fact, I think there should be a third prong attached to the defamation standard for bloggers: 1) The report was erroneous; 2) it was malicious; and 3) somebody is actually dumb enough to believe its true. Nobody hates Perez more than us, but still: Ronson is clearly a gold digger, and as deep as Perez’s pockets may be, nobody in their right mind wants to reach into them.