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Now I Know Why the Cheesecake Factory is So Delicious

cheesecake-factory-blossom.gifThey put a little love into every bite.

Also, their genitals.

Bryce Fitzpatrick was working at the Cheesecake Factory at Chandler Fashion Center when he was promoted from server to food expeditor, a step toward management. One day, while he was inside the produce walk-in to hunt down watercress, the door suddenly swung open.
“About 10-plus cooks and dishwashers shut the lights out,” Fitzpatrick recalls. “A guy grabbed me from behind and made me put my butt on top of his genitals.” One cook grabbed Fitzpatrick’s right leg and held it up in the air. Another held his left leg. Two other men grabbed Fitzpatrick’s arms. “A cook would stand in the middle and rub his genitals into my genitals,” Fitzpatrick said.
During his tenure at the restaurant, he suffered the attacks more than 20 times (italics mine), he said. In interviews with The Arizona Republic, two other former employees of the restaurant chain described being similarly grabbed and held down by co-workers while men simulated sex with them.
A fourth worker, a manager, told The Republic of seeing firsthand one of the attacks and threatening to fire the offending workers.
Now lawyers are involved.

Here’s my question: After you’ve been sexually assaulted once, how many people stick around and allow it to happen 19 more times? Apparently, this was all part of some sexual hazing that the employees had to go through. In fact, one dude stated, “They would take turns dry raping me. I was on my back being held down. Once they were all finished taking turns on me, they threw a bunch of lettuce on me, and a bunch of herbs.”

But … who … I mean … why would … listen people: Sexual hazing is not part of the job application process. If someone dry rapes you, you quit the job. Then you file a report. Then you sue the company. Then you never need another job again. Period.

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Good lord. My favorite bit has to be "A fourth worker, a manager, told The Republic of seeing firsthand one of the attacks and threatening to fire the offending workers."

THREATENING?!? What does it take to lose your job at Cheesecake Factory these days? Holy shit.

I love/hate the idea of that impotent, useless manager 'Hey hey! Now..you...you better stop that' (while the employee screams for help) 'you all...i got your names and you...you better stop or you'll be...or i'll write you up and you all are risking your jobs here...yeah...so....you better watch it'

um...this may be may first encounter with the phrase dry-rape...I quite like it, thank you...as a phrase

I am particularly intrigued by the last guys account of a dry rub gang rape with a symbolic climax of lettuce and herbs.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n-scJs2mAms theres video, you can see this shit for yourself