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Nothing says classy vintage like “plastic bladder in a box”

box-of-wine.jpgSo I’m not all that interested in this story, about some 42-year-old drunk who the cops were called to deal with after he got so sauced on a 3-liter box of wine that he passed out in a hallway. Nothing particularly interesting about it.

Rather, I’m intrigued by the Kitsap Sun headline:

Warning: Consuming Entire Box of Wine Not Recommended


Shouldn’t it be more like:

Consuming Even a Drop from Box of Wine Not Recommended

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That's how frat boy sneak alcohol into the football stadium: tape a wine bladder to their bodies under their shirts. Mmmm, warm bladder o' wine!

I'm a wine snob--actually honeymooned in Napa, and I've got to say that there are actually a few really palatable (sp?) boxed wines--mostly from Australia. Black Box is a good, everyday wine--I like their Chard. the best.

Loooook. Don't hate on somebody's preferred method of drunkage. When you're poor and single? Nobody needs to know.

Don't knock boxed wine as a good camping wine. What, are you going to take a case of bottled wine into the woods? That doesn't work well when drunkenly stumbling over tree roots.