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New Zealand should use this to attract tourism, as it’s much more enticing than sheep

sheep2.jpgMan, I need to go be a lawyer in New Zealand. Last week, there was a trial going on where a guy who gives massages as part of alternative health treatments was accused of assaulting three women. He allegedly touched the women’s boobs while giving them their treatment (and even went after one of the women’s va-jay-jay). This sounds like a typical “could easily happen here” kind of a story, right?

Well, Janet Robertshawe changed all that. The 36-year-old (who’s a lawyer, just for the record), is a former patient of this guy, and she agreed to come in to allow the accused to show the jury what his massage treatment looks like:

Mrs Robertshawe entered the courtroom in a white robe, was sworn in by the court crier, disrobed then lay face down on a massage table dressed only in her bra and underwear…. The accused then began the treatment, undoing Mrs Robershawe’s bra early in the procedure.

She was moved onto her left side, facing the jury, as the accused continued the vigorous deep tissue massage treatment. The movement exerted on Ms Robershawe’s body shook her bra free and a towel covering her frequently fell down, exposing her breasts to the court.

This titty-exposure went on for over 10 minutes and, one might assume, the male members of the jury are now firm believers in alternative health therapy.

Robertshawe gave testimony later in the day, once clothes reappeared, and at the end, the judge told her “you probably made history today as a barrister and solicitor of the court, so thank you.”